Lightmasters - Products & Services

How can Lightmasters supply your needs?

We can design, supply and install multifunctional AV systems to suit your exact requirements:

  • Sophisticated lighting, to create a dynamic atmosphere in your venue.
  • High quality sound systems for both foreground and background music - you appreciate good quality sound at home, we can deliver it in your venue.
  • Entertainment video systems with the flexibility to promote your events or merchandise.

Services we provide:

LIGHTING: LED Spots - LED Strips - LED Floods - Logo Projection - Effects & Mood Lighting

SOUND SYSTEMS: Background Music - Foreground Music - Public Address & Paging - Induction Loop Systems

AUDIO VISUAL: Plasma & LCD Screens - Video Projection - Digital Signage

AV Equipment

We can design, supply and install multifunctional AV systems to suit your exact requirements.

Equipment Racks

Lightmasters racks are all designed and built in house and meet the highest specifications.

Studio Racks

Lightmasters produce a number of different studio rack systems that can either be mobile units or fixed for better security.


Warfedale Titan Speaker APart MASK Loudspeaker

We have great deals on all the best speaker ranges

Colour Changing

For great mood effects colour change walls will really add to the feel of any room.

Traffic Light Systems

Traffic light systems used for any timed event e.g circuit training

Sound Equipment

QSC GX3 Power Amplifier Cloud VTX4120 4 x 120W Amplifier Cloud CXV225 2 x 250W 100V Line Amplifier Cloud Sound Control

We use a number of sound production equipment specialists.

Wireless Microphones

Hands-free headset wireless mic systems

Wireless microphones, great for public speaking and can be incorporated into any of Lightmasters systems