Lightmasters - About Us

Lightmasters was established in 1994 to service the needs of the expanding leisure and entertainment sectors in the UK. The company has supplied systems to cabaret clubs, discotheques, theme restaurants, bars, corporate hospitality, bowling centres and health and fitness operations.

Since 1999, whilst continuing to service and maintain systems installed for the key players in the entertainment sector, we have enjoyed considerable success in the growing health and fitness sector.

Working out in a gym can be boring, but it needn't be - with imaginative, flexible, lighting. Combined with high quality Lightmasters designed entertainment systems - it's an experience.

Our Philosophy

We have been successful in business by maintaining close contact with our customers and adapting to the ever-changing needs of the market.

Our philosphy is that we are an integral part of your operation. It is essential that we gain a full understanding of your business' strategy so that we may specify the most suitable products for your particular application. This approach ensures that our customers have a system that is unique;- custom-designed and fit for the purpose.

Working with You

Our specialist knowledge, we believe, will play a vital role in advising and educating our clients regarding the latest developments in sound and lighting technology. We make it our business to keep customers informed of new developments where they may be of interest and beneficial to them. With increasing competition and today's fickle culture, customer loyalty is not always that evident. We continue working with you, your design and management teams after the system is operational.

Trust us with your lighting sound and video system requirements and we assure you of our professionalism and expertise. You can't afford not to!